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No need to buy your gun in one place, ammo elsewhere, and accessories or gunsmithing at a different shop. Virtually everything you need is available at the Parma Armory Gun Shop or the many other independent self-defense specialty shops in our building.

Our CCW classes cover firearm basics, shooting, responsibility, and laws governing when you can and cannot legally use deadly force. Advanced training further improves your ability to defend yourself and your loved ones. At Parma Armory, new shooters quickly become intermediate and expert shooters through our group and private custom training classes.

21 Gun Salute Range® has 21 forty-foot lanes, digital target control with unlimited target variation. 5 Star Gun Range™ has 5 thirty-yard lanes that even accommodate fully automatic weapons — privately owned, or rented at Parma Armory. 3D Archery Range enables paper or 3D targets to be shot simultaneously from 5 to 35 yards with compound, traditional or crossbow equipment.

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